Beamery has the only Workday Certified CRM Integration, but we're also a strategic partner. Our unique relationship with Workday means we're closely aligned in the following ways:
  • Workday has selected Beamery as their own CRM
  • Workday is a strategic partner and investor in Beamery
  • Beamery is the only Workday Certified CRM Integration partner
All three of these elements together demonstrate strategic product alignment, combined vision, and commitment to technical excellence. 

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The Beamery + Workday Integration Workflow 

One seamless workflow and dataflow: Better together, for your Talent teams.

Why does a certified integration matter?

A Workday Certified Integration lowers the cost and complexity of deployment, facilitates real time data sync based on customer needs, and is built collaboratively with Workday - structured to align with their roadmap to ensure future viability.

The Beamery + Workday Integration: Why it's Unique

Operational Efficiency

With the real time bi-directional sync of all candidate and vacancy information, data is deduplicated, enriched, and searchable in a single system, improving the end user experience and team productivity. 

More Efficient Sourcing

All prospects can be sourced, engaged and qualified in Beamery - data is collected from Workday and other sourcing platforms. Companies can sync all contacts to Workday Recruiting, or just candidates that have been qualified.

Workstream Automation

Recruiting teams can automate engagement of high priority prospects, the nurture of silver medalists post application, or business critical workflows around compliance and consent.

Hear from Workday about the Integration

In terms of CRM, we know customers wanted more sophisticated CRM capabilities. After some due diligence, we identified Beamery as the solution that naturally complements our core Recruiting capabilities. Today, Beamery is the only vendor that we’ve partnered with for CRM.
Marlene Scholtz

Director of Recruiting Product Strategy

Watch a Demo of the Value that Beamery and our Certified Integration brings to Workday Recruiting Customers 

Do a deeper dive into how the integration works with our demo video.

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Our certified integration with Workday enables the bi-directional sync of candidate and vacancy data, connecting Beamery's Talent CRM, Marketing and Compliance products with Workday Recruiting. 

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