Discover the Rise of Talent Operations Webinar Series

This 4-part webinar series will tell you everything you need to know about talent operations—what it is, why it matters, how to make it successful at your company, what a potential career in talent ops might look like, as well as the metrics that leaders can use to demonstrate success. It’s the ultimate crash course in this new function in the talent organization, with fantastic guest speakers sharing tactical and strategic advice along the way.

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april 23 2020
The Rise of Talent Operations: The Fundamentals

The talent operations function is rising globally, and stepping up to own recruiting data, reporting, systems and processes that are essential to companies recruiting proactively and driving better candidate experiences. What are the fundamentals of this new function? 

april 30 2020
The Rise of Talent Operations: The Career Path

The talent operations role is the rising star of the recruiting organization today, but not many professionals know how to find their way into it. Meet the pioneers of this rising profession, and learn how they stepped into this rapidly evolving function.

May 7 2020
Rise of Talent Operations: What Good Looks Like

The right talent operations professional understands what matters to the business, and translates it into data, processes, improvements, and even new talent strategies. Meet two talent operations leaders who can tell you exactly how to successfully build this new function.

May 14 2020
Rise of Talent Operations: New Ways to Measure Success

The true impact of the talent operations function cannot be measured using traditional recruiting metrics, so how do you measure success for it? We invited a global talent acquisition leader from IBM to challenge the notion of what success looks like for talent operations.  

Meet the speakers of the Rise of Talent Operations webinar series
Eileen Kovalsky
Global Head of Talent Acquisition Operations
Nikki Cochrane
Recruiting and Operations Lead
Humans Doing
Lee Andrews
Director of Talent Acquisition
Michael Newman
Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition Operations 

Kyle Lagunas
Director of Strategy 

Kevin Blair
Vice President Talent Strategy

Ted Kleber
Operations Manager, Talent Acquisition