Talent Intelligence - The Workforce Data You Desperately Need

Does your workforce data give you enough insight to be agile?

In today’s rapidly changing work environment, skills are crucial, but understanding and taking into account the bigger picture is essential. Talent intelligence illuminates what “potential” truly means. It provides a comprehensive view of an employee, including their interests, aspirations, and values, to help optimize job fit and highlight development opportunities.

Recent Forrester research highlights that, in order to truly optimize for engagement and efficiency, many organizations need a broader data set than simply what people can do and what they know.

In this best practice report, Forrester shares their vision of talent intelligence and how it unlocks employee and organization potential, providing the opportunity for talent management to unlock new levels of workforce agility. They share how it starts with closing the gap between your current data set and the vision you would like to achieve.

Read this report today to get clear next steps on how to start investigating your organization’s maturity. Download it to understand:

  • What talent intelligence is and what it means for your organization
  • The key benefits for those within and outside HR and talent management.
  • How you can close the gap between your current workforce data and the vision of being skills-first.