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A 4-part webinar series to answer all your questions about AI for talent. What you need to know about it, its risks and limitations, and how other talent leaders are using it to drive measurable results.

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june 22 2021
AI in Talent Acquisition: The Fundamentals

Talent leaders can no longer afford to treat AI like a buzzword or a box to check. To drive real value from this powerful new set of technologies, they must really understand it and how it can impact their talent transformation efforts. What fundamental concepts do talent and HR leaders really need to know when it comes to talent AI? 

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july 14 2021
The Hidden Dangers of “Black Box” AI

As businesses rely more and more on AI for hiring and talent management, they expose themselves to a new set of risks. How should talent and HR leaders mitigate these risks and prepare to navigate new AI-related regulation? What can they do to avoid possible bias, loss of trust, or compliance issues stemming from these new technologies? 

July 21 2021
3 Ways to Drive Talent Goals with AI

High-performing talent and HR organizations are already identifying skill gaps in their workforce and building internal mobility paths for their employees by using AI. In this webinar, we will be joined by a talent executive from a leading company to illustrate some of these use cases, and talk about the value that AI can create for modern talent teams.

August 4 2021
Talent in 2025: Designing the Future

In this panel discussion with industry experts and enterprise talent leaders, we will bridge the gap between technology and vision. Join us to discover how other executives approach the question of talent transformation, and what role they think technologies like AI will play in their future plans. 

Meet the speakers of "Accelerating Talent Transformation with AI"
Sultan Saidov
President and Co-Founder 

Jeet Mukerji
Lead Product Manager 

Athena Karp
Founder & CEO

Adam Godson
Chief Product Officer

Madeline Laurano
Aptitude Research

Megan Butler
AI for Talent/HR expert and adviser

Yasar Ahmad
VP of Talent
HelloFresh Global
Patricia Laughlin
VP HR Technology
Highmark Health
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Discover Beamery's newest 4-part webinar series where experts and talent leaders discuss the impact of AI technology on the future of talent acquisition. Join us to learn: 
    • What fundamental concepts do leaders really need to know about AI to design effective talent strategies?
    • What are the risks and rewards of using AI to support your talent transformation plans? 
    • How are talent leaders in the world's foremost companies using AI to drive results?
"The goal is not to be a technical expert; it's to really get what the technology can do for your talent strategy, and what questions you should be asking about AI."
Sultan Murad Saidov, President and Co-Founder, Beamery