AI in Talent Acquisition: The Fundamentals

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

4:30 PM BST | 11:30 AM ET | 8:30 AM PT


Live 2020

by Beamery

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AI is an accelerator for Talent Transformation. It’s a layer of technology that means great talent teams can be even more powerful, but for the best results, the right foundations need to be in place.

In this first session of “Accelerating Talent Transformation with AI”, we’re cutting through the buzz and focusing on what will set talent leaders up for success when it comes to this new technology. What do today’s Talent leaders absolutely need to know about AI, and what questions should they ask when investigating new talent tech?

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What are the fundamental concepts that today’s talent professionals need to understand about AI?

  • What foundations need to be present for talent organizations to make the most of AI-powered technology?

  • What questions should you ask vendors to find the best technology fit for your organization

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Speaker Jeet Mukerji.pngJeet Mukerji
Product Owner

Jeet is Lead Product Manager on the AI team at Beamery. He specializes in understanding the challenges of modern talent teams in large enterprises, and finding solutions for those challenges using the latest AI technologies on the market.  

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