The Future Of Jobs:
How Job Architecture Is Key To Unlocking Skills Transformation.

Thursday, September 6, 2023

11:00 AM ET | 4:00 PM BST

“By 2025, labor volatility will cause 40% of organizations to report a material business loss.” Gartner

The ever-shifting economic environment continues to create uncertainties for organizations, and amidst this, HR teams are being asked to solve numerous tactical and strategic challenges – from ensuring the right skills are in place, to driving skills-based transformation, dealing with disconnected tech and siloed systems, to the misunderstanding of your current and future talent data. Becoming a skills-first organization and getting to grips with your talent data can help you overcome these challenges by enabling you to unlock greater agility and productivity within your teams.

We’re going to share how HR teams can get started today and realize immediate benefits for their organizations. Specifically, exploring how having a dynamic job architecture is key to success on the journey to skills-based transformation.

Wherever you are on the journey, this webinar will give you guidance on the steps you need to take to build an accurate, informative and standardized job architecture within your organization. More importantly, we will share insights on how you can then use this data to supercharge your talent strategy.

Register today to:
  • Discover what is a job architecture and why it is the foundation for your organization
  • Understand the key steps to building a dynamic job architecture that unlocks agility and productivity within your organization
  • Uncover real-time insights on your current and missing skills in order to shift your talent strategy from reactive to proactive
  • Start laying the foundation for agile and dynamic workforce planning


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Andrew Keating
VP Product Marketing, Beamery

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Anna Szczerkowska
Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Beamery

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Tom Shurrock
Product Director, Beamery

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