Calculating the ROI of Talent Lifecycle Management: A Deep Dive into the Cost and Business Benefits

Thursday, December 7, 2023

08:00 AM PT | 11:00 AM ET | 4:00 PM GMT

How to Achieve a 3-Year 467% ROI with Talent Lifecycle Management

The skills gap continues to grow and the competition for highly skilled talent rages on. Leading organizations need to be smarter about how they source and hire talent, but many recruiting teams are still struggling with manual outreach and tracking across multiple tools, which increases time-to-fill, reduces productivity, and can turn off the candidates they are trying to attract and qualify with subpar experiences. Leaders who want an adaptive, future-fit workforce need modern solutions to attract, nurture, and qualify their talent.

Beamery commissioned Forrester to conduct an in-depth study with customers, following Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ framework, to analyze the potential ROI of its Talent Lifecycle Management solution. Ashleigh Cohen, Consultant at Forrester and Matt Fenton, VP of Advisory at Beamery, will walk through the results and provide actionable steps for thinking more strategically about your HR technology stack. Learn how Forrester evaluates ROI and business benefits of HR solutions, including which cost drivers, value levers to consider, and key metrics to consider.

In 45-minutes, you’ll learn:
  • How to think about strategic tech investment in HR: Discover how to assess the benefits, cost drivers, value levers, and risks involved in upgrading your HR tech stack.
  • Ways to overcome talent acquisition challenges: Dive into identifying the specific challenges your organization faces when finding and nurturing talent with the right skills. Learn how to set clear goals and translate these challenges into actionable solution requirements.
  • How to drive skills-based transformation with integrated Talent Lifecycle Management: Explore the power of Talent Lifecycle Management (TLM) and how it supports dynamic, skills-based talent strategies. Gain insight into real-world case study results that highlight the success of this transformative approach.


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